Dynamic Timz Coaching has been helping the professional community since 2013.

Dynamic Timz was birthed, to assist SMMEs to close the gap between their dreams/wishes (Vision- Strategy) and the actual output of operations. We help overwhelmed entrepreneurs go from being disorganized, stagnant, and or working hard with no direction to becoming resilient, focused, and confident by co-creating clear goals and developing the mental toolkit to provide the support needed and an effective working framework.

With a focus on Strategy Development & Implementation, Overall Business Performance, Employee Engagement, Team Performance, Leadership Development, smart decision-making, and creative problem-solving, Dynamic Timz Coaching has been helping the professional and business community since 2013.

We are a 100% Black Woman-owned company, a level 1 BBBEE contributor. We pride ourselves in our ability to design customized interventions for clients, with a proven ability to identify inefficiencies and scope relevant solutions. ​



  1. Trained over 100 rural and township business owners locally and internationally that are currently
  2. Helped over 500 women to find their passion and start their business/ side hustle and step into their callings
  3. Coached over 10 executives and 60% were promoted to new roles

4. Developed and coached over 300 entrepreneurs through Enterprise and Supplier Development Programmes. Some increased their turnover, and we create Dynamic Teams (Timz).


Dikeledi Seleka

CEO & Senior Performance Coach

Senior performance coach commonly known as the Goal Driver. Dikeledi has over 15 years of Consulting and Leadership coaching which has natured her path to discovering her passion in coaching and public speaking. She served as manager responsible for the facilitation of the leadership engagement curriculum, also providing support to senior leadership teams of different business units, with the creation of their department’s Strategy and implementation in one of the most prominent banks in South Africa (Standard Bank). She studied Civil Engineering, and courses such as six sigma yellow belt, prince II project management practitioner, sales & service skills, conflict & time management, presentation skills have allowed her to sharpen her skills and back up her experience with formal training over the years.


Sindiswa Tilane

MD and Facilitator

Sindiswa Tilane has worked in Higher Education for more than ten years in various positions. she managed and consulted for blue-chip companies operating in various sectors. She has a track record and competence in the following areas: Program and Project Management, Student Liaison and Management, Facilitation and Public Speaking, Event Coordination and Management, and high-performance cultures and teams. Sindiswa is a certified Assessor, facilitator, Moderator, and Skills Development Facilitator. She has positioned herself as a transformational coach focusing on Performance Coaching and building high-performance cultures and teams. Sindiswa is a business performance coach of Dynamic Timz Coaching.

She holds a Master of Management degree in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, a Post Graduate Diploma in Public and Development Management, a certificate in Management Advancement Program, and a Bachelor of Arts from Wits University. Sindiswa is a community builder and is involved in various community-building initiatives. She is a founding Director of the Non-Profit Organization Sisters Empowerment Circles which focuses on women’s empowerment in rural areas. She is a board member of the Southern African Employee Ownership Association.

Our Vision

We aim to foster a culture of excellence, effective governance, and visionary leadership throughout Africa, creating an environment where these values are embraced and embodied.

 Our Mission

We are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through tailored coaching and mentorship, emphasising the pivotal role of business strategy development, implementation, and performance review.

 Our Values

The success of DTC is a direct result of the values it is built on. Values help clarify how business is conducted and are the guiding principles that shape and influence decisions at DTC.

·         Humility – Uphold the spirit of Botho/Ubuntu by being of service and consistently demonstrate a passion and commitment to help others succeed.

·         Customer Centricity –  Our process is “tailor made” around the needs of each client

·         Continuous Improvement – We are always guarding against arrogance, open to learning and unlearning

·         Integrity –  We continuously strive to align our actions to our promises

·         Visionary We are here to see the fruition of your vision.